About Us

Ingtec AG - Your Partner in
Bulk Material Handling, Plant Construction,
and Process Engineering.

History and Focus Areas

The roots of Ingtec go back to the visionary founding of Rotziger Pneumacon AG in 1982. Continuous development and specialization have allowed us to grow, and this profound experience from four decades forms the foundation of Ingtec. Today, we continue this success story and serve clients from various industries.

Our focus is on the development and production of innovative bulk material technologies. Our extensive portfolio ranges from silo systems to pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems, as well as processing plants and filling and emptying systems for various containers. In this context, we realize solutions that encompass material flow in filling and discharge systems, pneumatic transport solutions in suction and pressure systems, and state-of-the-art processing plants with diverse processes such as grinding, screening, mixing, drying, and cooling.

Another significant pillar of our work is compressed air generation and processing plants. Here, our offerings include everything from compressor stations with drying and processing, to blower and fan stations, and comprehensive vacuum systems.

In addition to these core areas, we also have expertise in sub-areas such as the development of electrical control systems and weighing and dosing systems. Although these areas do not represent our primary focus, they complement our extensive range of services and enable us to offer our clients a holistic solution from a single source.

For further details on our services and product areas, we invite you to take a look here. There you will find a comprehensive overview of the full spectrum of our services.


Our Clients

At Ingtec, we serve a diverse clientele from a variety of industries that work with challenging bulk materials. This particularly includes difficult-to-convey, adhesive, or abrasive bulk materials, often also within Atex zones. Our extensive experience and technical expertise are primarily valued in industries such as the paint and coatings industry, battery manufacturing, the stone and earth sector, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and animal feed production, as well as in the steel and plastics industries.

Furthermore, we have focused on customers from the building materials industry and the renewable energy sector, where bulk materials in the form of wood chips, pellets, and ground wood dust of various fineness are used, and we plan and realize complete facilities. In addition, research and development institutes are among our partners, continuously exploring and testing new processes and technologies in the field of bulk material handling.

Thanks to our wide-ranging portfolio and our ability to deliver customized solutions, we meet a versatile range of customer needs, thereby contributing to increased productivity and efficiency in various industrial sectors.

Our Values